What Readers Are Saying About ORIGINS

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'So good I read it twice: One of the better sci-fi. Almost believable, plenty action, romance, adventure. What I want to know now: when is next book due and when is the film being released?'

'Brilliantly Imaginative: This book was a fantastic read, I couldn't put it down. It felt so real. I grew up near to where the book is set, and been to some of the places used in the book. A must read to anyone who likes sci-fi books.'

'For a first Sci-fi novel Andy's done a great job. I was drawn in from the start and as the story warmed up I found it hard to put down. It's an easy read and there's some slow bits but that's true of most books. Sometimes the characters a bit too good but overall an excellent book and I for one look forward to the follow up. PS nice to read a book based in UK.'

'Overall I enjoyed this book. The idea behind it is pretty original, I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered what was going on because it was not what I expected.'

'An interesting and exciting read: The story is well thought out and the central characters are believable and work very well together. There are many nicely adapted examples of modern technologies and where they could lead given time. I really enjoyed this book and am looking forward to the sequel. Good job, Andy.'

'Superb: I loved this. Especially good and believable were the characters. Extremely sympathetic and their dialogue was spot on. There were probably some plot holes - there invariably are where time travel is concerned - but the pacing and ingenuity of the story as a whole rendered them unnoticeable. The old saying 'it's an ill wind that blows no good' is apt here. If Andy Wallace had not lost his job, this might never have seen the light of day. There's a superb television series in this.'

'The only thing not unique about the book is the title. Wallace has obviously put his heart and soul into it. For science fiction fans, it's worth the read.'

'Well worth a look: well written and enjoyable, the characters are well developed whilst retaining their "next-door neighbour" quality. The story is unusual but worryingly believable, with some unexpected twists and turns. Looking forward to a sequel!'

'Great book: I can highly recommend this book, it's a great read, and has a gripping plot. I am not a typical sci-fi fan, but this book has something for everyone. I thoroughly enjoyed it, even cried at the end. Looking forward to future books by this talented author. Buy it now, it's well worth the money.'

'Brilliant: a new author can be worrying to some but just dive in this book is awesome. Hoping that there will be new titles on the horizon from him.'

'Highly recommended: Like a snow ball effect, the first couple of chapters are basic scene setters (a bit slow), however after that it's a complete race to the finish to see if they will or won't make it. A truly gripping book. Well worth a recommendation.'


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'I can EASILY see this being movie material Andy. Good job.'

'I have just finished reading #Origins - really good, brilliant in fact! #reccommend'

'Blooming good story!'

'Check out Andy's refreshing, first class, sci fi thriller. It won't disappoint.'

'I am really enjoying your book. Half way through it. You really did a great job of detailing, that one has no problem envisioning what you write. I look forward to the rest.'

'A mention of a dinosaur on page 2!!! Off to a good start, book, you have my attention!'

'Reading ORIGINS at the moment and loving it.'

ORIGINS - the New Science Fiction Thriller by Andy Wallace